October 5, 2023

Cannabis Edibles: Getting Started and How To Buy

Cannabis Edibles: Getting Started and How To Buy

These days, cannabis edibles (most often just called ‘edibles’) go far beyond your basic pot brownie. They can be sweet or savory, and there are even beverages infused with cannabis.

It’s not just the forms of edibles that have advanced, either. In recent years, dosing has also become more precise and reliable. For people who want to experiment with edibles, doing so is less of a shot in the dark than it’s been in the past.

We recommend starting your journey with edibles by having a conversation with your budtender. They’re the experts, and they’re happy to tell you where to start and what type of edible suits your needs best.

If you want some more information before you have that conversation, though, we’ll get you started.

Getting the Right Dose

Cannabis is safe, but you’ve got to be a smart user to create the best experience possible. Being smart is understanding how to dose your edibles – especially while you’re starting out.

Edibles can contain anywhere from 1-100mg of THC. How much you dose yourself with depends on your experience with cannabis and your body’s tolerance for it. Taking it slow is the right idea, instead of biting off more than you can chew (literally) and regretting it later. In general, it’s a good idea to start off with a very low dose, say 1-5mg. You can always eat more if you want to!

Don’t Take Edibles on an Empty Stomach

Edibles are like alcohol in the way that they can send you reeling if you eat them on an empty stomach. If you do that, you might end up over-consuming. You don’t want to be hungry when you eat them. Instead, eat them as a dessert or along with the meal you’re having.

Relaxed is Best

If you decide to eat edibles (especially for the first time) in a place that’s not relaxing, the THC in your system can quickly lead to panic and anxiety – and that’s never fun. Have a plan for the first time you try edibles, preferably one that includes a friend present to help you in case your experience isn’t what you expect.

The Waiting Game

When you smoke marijuana, the effects only take about 15 minutes before they hit. Edibles are a little different. Since you’re eating them and they have to work through your digestive system, the effects take longer to show up. It could take 30 minutes, or even up to 2 hours before you notice any change – the amount of time differs from person to person, because everyone’s metabolism is unique.

If you don’t notice the effects of an edible, it’s important to wait at least two hours before eating more. The effects could just be taking a while to show up, and you don’t want to overdo it.

If you don’t feel the effects of an edible on your first time, you might be experiencing something called first-pass metabolism. This is when your liver is especially good at filtering out THC, so it just passes right through your system without you getting the feelings you wanted. To avoid this as best you can, prep with a small meal that includes fatty foods like avocado, cheese, or almond butter before eating your edible.

Lasting Effects

When you dose your edible appropriately, the effects can last up to six hours. If you eat a particularly large dose, the effects could even last as long as 24 hours. For most people, though, the peak of the effects happens at about the four-hour mark.

The day after you consume an edible, it’s not uncommon to feel a sort of hangover. You might experience lethargy, fatigue, and headaches, and you might feel like you’re moving through a fog. That’s completely normal and will go away.

The Taste

A lot of people are concerned that their edible will taste like cannabis. It’s possible, but not always the case.

It depends on how potent the edible is and the flavor profile of the food or beverage. If you’re enjoying something with coffee or chocolate flavoring, it’s very unlikely that you’ll taste the cannabis because those flavors are so strong.

If you’re worried about your edible tasting like cannabis, your budtender can easily find you something where the cannabis flavor is masked by other delicious flavors.

How to Buy Edibles

Buying edibles is fairly simple, and your budtender should be able to answer any questions you have during the process.

How much edibles cost depends on where you’re buying them. At Lake Effect, our edibles are reasonably priced, usually between the $10 and $20 mark.

Keep in mind that edibles are a food product, so the cost of ingredients plays a part in how much you pay for the edible itself. Some of our most popular products are edible gummies, which are about $16 and come in a huge variety of flavors.

The higher the potency of the edible, the higher the price – because there’s more cannabis in it. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all price for edibles, because there are so many variables to keep in mind.

Once you know the facts behind the pricing, the purchasing process is simple – especially here. Our Kalamazoo location is open 24 hours, so you can just come on in and tell us what you’d like. Even if you’re not sure about an exact product, just explain what you’re looking for and we’ll find something that suits you.

We also have options to buy online. Lake Effect makes it extremely easy, even for those who are unfamiliar with the dispensary atmosphere, and we always have deals going on!

Enjoying Edibles With Lake Effect

The days of edibles only being in the form of brownies and cookies are long gone. The world of edibles has evolved, which means we know a lot more about them now – and you should, too!

At Lake Effect, we have an extensive menu of edibles for you to choose from. When it comes to variety, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also got you covered information-wise, and we’re glad to answer any questions you might have about this fun, easy, and convenient way to consume cannabis.

Stop by and see us at our Kalamazoo or Portage location, or get in touch to learn more about cannabis edibles!

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