We are now Recreational which means all you need is an ID to sign up with Lake Effect! For untaxed medicine, we recommend patients keep their medical cards.

Yes! Just bring your ID and let’s get you signed up so you can get in store credit!

We offer curbside assistance as well as, phone assistance, web assistance, and in lobby assistance if needed!

Place your order on our website lakeeffected.com or by phone, check in with our greeter upon arrival, park in a numbered spot and we will bring your order out to you!

Yes! Get $20 in store credit EVERY TIME you get a medical friend to sign up and $10 in store credit when you have your recreational friends sign up!

To keep our staff members safe as well as other patients, we please ask that you notify us upon placing your order so we can adjust accordingly. We ask for payments to be kept in a bag, as well as asking to please be wearing gloves and a mask. Thanks for letting us know!

  • MEGA MONDAY: 20% OFF all deli style flower.
  • CARTUESDAY: 3 for $100 (Med) & 3 for $150 (Rec) Cartridges.
  • BOGO WEDNESDAY: BOGO 50% OFF selected gummies.
  • THIRTY PERCENT THURSDAY: Get 30% OFF all concentrates.
  • FREEBIE FRIDAY: Get a FREE medicated item with every purchase.
  • SUPER SATURDAY: Get 10% OFF all online orders placed on lakeeffected.com
  • STUDENT SUNDAY: Students get 10% Off with a valid Student I.D.
  • Veterans & Seniors enjoy a daily discount with every purchase.
  • *some exclusions may apply*