We do not accept paperwork from a doctor without your hard copy license from the state. The paperwork is a prescription from your doctor stating you may use medical cannabis. You must then take the next step and be sure the get accepted by the state. After the correct paperwork has been turned into and mailed to the state, you will receive an acceptance letter or a denial letter. If you’ve been accepted your card will be in the mail and on it’s way to your address. That is when you are able to visit us here at Lake Effect!

Yes, we offer freebies on your first visit and for Birthday’s. In addition  we offer Veterans a daily discount of %10 off everything in the shop. All of our members enjoy a lucrative points program and friend referral bonus! To get your freebies for friend referrals just have them inform the secretary when checking in. They will bank their visit for you. You can bank as many friends as you’d like and pick up your freebies whenever as well!

Absolutely! We guarantee everything to be free of Molds or Mildews, for the patients safety. We pride ourselves on setting the standard for safe practices in Michigan. Ask anyone of our staff to see the lab reports for whatever may interest you!

We have a large parking lot in the rear of the property. If you are not needing the spots in front of the building which are handicapped only we appreciate you using the rear.

Yes we absolutely want to have a variety of medicine in different forms in order for any patient to meet their medical needs.

Yes! We can’t wait to help educate you. As a new patient it can be overwhelming not knowing where to start. One of our trained staff will take all the time you need in a private environment to ensure you leave with a better understanding of what this service can do for you.

No. There is no medicating on the property. When you exit the building we ask that you put your medicine in the trunk immediately. In addition there is also no loitering or cigarette smoking allowed on the property. We thank you for treating Lake Effect and it’s neighbors with respect.

Yes, however you will not be allowed to exceed your legal limit within any 14 day period.

Come in during business hours or email us. We are always looking for qualified and professional caregivers.

Absolutely not. If you do you will be asked not to return.

Children are legally not allowed beyond a specific point within a provisioning center. You are more than welcome to have one of our loving receptionist watch over them and keep them company while you are being consulted! Although we do recommend to pre-order for the child’s sake!

Non-card holders will be asked to write their information down on a sign-in sheet. They must remain in the lobby until the consultation has been finished. Independent caretakers are unfortunately not allowed to go back with whom they are taking care of. We recommend you becoming their cannabis caregiver to better help your situation. We will of course do the very most and best job that we can making that patient feel comfortable. The discussion of medicine between a card-holder and a non card holder may result in an in store ban. The distribution of medicine to any non card holder will also results in a permanent in-store ban.

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